Advanced methods of preserving Privacy online

VPN - Using a Virtual Private Network (or VPN) is a fantastic way to anonymise your browsing and encrypt your connection to the internet to prevent the access of would-be snoopers who might try to follow or watch your navigation online. It is also handy for evading censorship and using country-specific services, like video streaming or shopping. When you are connected to a VPN, your site requests are encrypted to remote server run by VPN companies that in turn anonymise your requests by masking your IP address, the unique identifier that displays the location of your device while you use it. (To check how specifically your location is disclosed in all browsing, see here.) This makes VPNs powerful tools to evade surveillance. PrivateInternetAccess is recommended for its ease of use, customer service, and price point. Plans begin at around £25 a year and can be paid monthly. If you wish to use Firefox in conjunction with a VPN, consider downloading this free browser extension in order to ensure your real IP address isn't leaking.

Tor - Per Gizmodo, "Tor is short for 'The Onion Router.' This refers both to the software that you install on your computer to run Tor and the network of computers that manages Tor connections. Put simply, Tor enables you to route web traffic through several other computers in the Tor network so that the party on the other end of the connection can't trace the traffic back to you. That way, the more Tor users there are, the more protected your info. As the name implies, it creates a number of layers that conceal your identity from the rest of the world." The Tor software that replaces your conventional browser such as Safari, Chrome or Firefox can be used for web-surfing, research, and anonymous, secure communication but should not be used to access any identifiable accounts such as your public email address, bank accounts, or anything that can be traced back specifically to you. It should also not be used to stream videos or read or download documents, as this can leak data. Discover more about TOR and download it for free here. Be sure to read the accompanying FAQs in full before use.

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